Tragus Piercing

Infected Tragus Piercing

Infected Tragus Piercing – A Complete Guide

Everyone wants to get a piercing in their life. Tragus piercing is one of the most trending and celebrity approved piercing for your ears. While piercings surely comprehend your visual appeal, they need to be taken care of, especially during initial phases of fresh piercing to minimize chances of infected tragus piercing. Piercing is nothing …

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Tragus Piercing For Migraines

Have you been wondering if there is a possible connection between tragus piercing and migraines? Well, yes, there is and a big one. A tragus piercing doesn’t only provide an attractive slot to your body to flaunt trendy jewelry. It could even help you get relief from a serious ailment, such as migraine. Before getting …

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Tragus Piercing Jewelry Guide

Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Tragus is a pure cartilage and made up of thick tissues and tiny nerves. Hence, one may expect much lesser pain as compared to other body parts piercing like belly or nose. Now, that you have a piercing, it is nothing but obvious to adorn it with a beautiful piece of ornament for the exceptional …

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